Palm Tree Lighting

Amazing Flowers Miami's palm tree lighting and outdoor decor is assembled by our own professional staff and and installed to electrical and fire department requirements and regulations.

Prices may be subject to change due to power outlets, accessibility, width of tree and venue regulations. Call (305) 787-0700 with any questions or to schedule installation.

Palm Tree Lighting Prices:

-20 foot tree: $400.00

-30 foot tree: $600.00

Make the Holidays Bright

As the fall days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, it is the right time to plan and update your outdoor holiday decor. No matter whether you prefer a single color or multitude of colors for outdoor holiday decorations, having it look professional is important for your business. Amazing Flowers Miami's home base is the Miami region, so we are familiar with all of the native plants that can be decorated for the holidays in and around the city. Our favorite outdoor plant to decorate is the majestic palm tree. We are experts at decorating palm trees to meet all of the safety requirements and regulations for the electrical and fire departments for the city your business is located in. But we always keep the festive holidays in mind with the ultimate goal of pleasing our customers. If you need information about your city's requirements and regulations, please contact us.

Where Can You Find Amazing Flowers Miami's Work?

Our primary areas of operation include Miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, Brickell, Sunny Isles and Bal Harbour, Florida. We can show you examples of our previous work in any of those areas. We would love to discuss with you how we can decorate your palm trees for the current holiday season for enjoyment and promotional purposes.

Professional Outdoor Holiday Decor

Amazing Flowers Miami's palm tree lighting and outdoor decor is assembled and installed by our own expert professional staff. They are trained in floral design as well as fire and electrical safety. We love to take your design ideas, and work them up with you so that we can showcase your business and make it stand out from early in the holiday season until after the New Year.

Our experience and expertise can guide you to design the best holiday decorations for your palm trees. We offer high-end holiday decor for your local business, no matter what type of business you have. In the past, we have spent time decorating luxury condominiums, townhouses, restaurants, bars and entertainment centers. We work with a range of businesses and find the best holiday lighting setup for you. We find a lighting display and presentation that you desire to make your business a hit during the fall and winter holidays.

Creating a Decorating Plan

Note that our professionals will advise you as to any changes that need to be made to your decorating plan in order to comply with fire and electrical safety regulations. These changes may affect pricing which is subject to change due to power outlets, accessibility, width of trees and venue regulations. However, we will review any pricing changes with you before we go ahead and start decorating your palm trees. We want to make you and your clientele happy this holiday season, so no big surprises!

Decorate Your Palm Trees: Ideas

What is the best way to decorate your palm trees for the holidays? Palm trees are so stately on their own, but at night they blend into the night sky. The right holiday lighting can really punch up the exterior of your building while also making clients feel safer due to the extra lighting outside. At minimum, these lights will make your trees stand out and create a fantasy landscape using lights for decoration.

Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Holiday Decorating Stand Out

Need some help coming up with unique color combinations or decorating tips? Here are a few to get you started. Remember, you can consult with us via email or over the phone, or come into our office to get inspiration from our previous holiday displays.

-Single color lights- White is the most popular color when using single color lighting. It is bright, simple and classic.

-Multicolor lights- The full range of colors in multicolor strands are the favorite choice of children everywhere. If your business caters to a lot of children, maybe this is the best fit for you.

-Two color scheme- This type of decoration can be done in two different ways, either by alternating colors or combining them on trees. Single-color light strands can be placed together to combine the colors, or you can decorate the trunk of the palm tree with one color and the top with a second color. Suggested color combinations include: blue and white, purple and orange, red and green, or any color and white.

-Theme decorating- You may have a theme for your restaurant or business that you want to extend to your outdoor decorations. These need to be discussed with us beforehand to see if we can meet your needs within the safety guidelines for exterior holiday lighting.

-Flashing lights- Flashing lights are usually made in multicolor strands or sets. Just remember not to overwhelm your guests.Create a Holiday Ambience

Amazing Flowers Miami's job is to create a beautiful holiday wonderland, an ambience in the style that you prefer, something for you and your customers to enjoy throughout the holiday season. While your clientele "ooh" and "ah" about your outdoor holiday decor, you will reap the benefits of having a one-of-a-kind display that people will see whether they are entering your business or even when just they're driving by. Everyone will appreciate your creative holiday palm tree decorations and the bright lights during the seasonal dark nights. You'll create a holiday memory for everyone in the city.

Palm Tree Lighting Prices

-20-foot tree:$400.00

-30-foot tree:$600.00

Here is our pricing for decorating an outdoor palm tree with holiday decor. However, for a full quote based on your location, meeting fire and electrical requirements and regulations, any special designs and the complete quantity of trees, please contact us directly. We want to meet your outdoor decorating needs and make you and your customers happy this holiday season. Pricing is subject to change due to power outlets, accessibility, width of trees and venue regulations. We will provide you with a written quote for your records, and to give you a place to start your outdoor decorations during future holiday seasons.

-We Take Down the Lights at the End of the Holiday Season

-You Keep the Lights at the End of the Holiday

-We'll Return to Fix any Broken Lights During the Season


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